WHY WEAR MoisturEyes?

MoisturEyes™ gives you the amazing benefits of applying cucumber under the eyes (listed below) without having to spend time laying down.
MoisturEyes™ is worn while upright and doesn’t impair your vision. You get that wonderful cucumber spa treatment while completing everything else on your "to-do" list, like sending emails, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, making dinner, packing lunches...you name it. Turn any daily task into an opportunity for a spa treatment! And, it feels SO GOOD. You’ll see.


Sooooo many reasons! For starters, cucumbers are cooling. When placed under the eyes, their cooling nature will diminish puffiness and inflammation. Plus, that cool sensation under the eyes perks up the whole body.
Its ability to work this magic comes from its water content and the high amounts of antioxidants present in the cucumber juice. These rich nutrients are absorbed directly into your skin cells, literally feeding them the nutrients they need to regenerate and stay full-bodied.
Applying cucumber to the skin tightens pores, lightens dark circles beneath the eyes, and decreases the physical appearance of fine lines and freckles. How GREAT is that!
The hydration alone works wonders. After all, water is the magical elixir of life. But, cucumbers also pack a solid nutritional punch to boot. They contain both vitamins A and C, which are key players in collagen repair and regeneration. These essential daily nutrients are absorbed directly into the skin once applied. Try it and see!


Eat Some!
When you’re cutting the cucumber to place in your MoisturEyes™ clips, EAT SOME TOO. The incredible nutrient profile of cucumber beckons them to be a staple of any diet.
Wearing MoisturEyes™ daily will help you get a daily dose of cucumber. I generally cut off a 3 or 4 inch chunk of cucumber and gobble it down while I put on my MoisturEyes™. Feeding your body this silica-rich cucumber on a daily basis is a wonderfully beneficial health and beauty practice.
Use As Cleansing Pads!
When you unclip the cucumber from your MoisturEyes™, use them as cleaning pads for the face, neck, and chest. Use them just like you would a cotton round (but you don’t have to add the toner). Cucumber itself is a brilliant toner, refreshing the skin, leaving it cleansed and hydrated. So wonderful and SO INEXPENSIVE. Fresh, raw skincare is where it’s at. This is the kind of skincare you feel instantly.
Let us know how you like it!