Gives you the amazing benefits of applying cucumber under the eyes without having to spend time laying down.
NOW YOU CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFYING EYE TREATMENT ANYTIME. Wear MoisturEyes™ while at your computer, while you’re doing the dishes, packing the kids lunches, walking the dog, or while you do a down dog, anytime. Very light weight, adjustable frame allows you to get the perfect fit and forget it’s even on! Watch the video on how to fit your MoisturEyes™ and how to cut the cucumbers for optimal use.
Your Best Experience

Three steps to get the best experience with your MoisturEyes™

  1. Cut cucumbers at a slight angle, as shown in the video, to get optimal surface area coverage. Then cut the top off the slices to profile your under eye.
  2. Fully adjustable. Adjust temples if needed to bring cucumbers closer to the face.
  3. Clips pivot forward pressing cucumber against the skin. Enjoy!