About the Creator
MoisturEyes™ creator, Dr. Blythe Metz, is a metaphysician, entrepreneur, actress, inventor, chef, natural lifestyle expert, and mother. She began learning about the power of foods to heal the body in 2006, and hasn't been able to stop sharing the wealth.

Her first show, Blythe Raw Live, was the first livestream show to be licensed by Hulu after its global success on Ustream. Her new show, Blythe Natural Living, teaches fabulous 5-minute raw food recipes, gluten-free and dairy-free cooked food recipes, fresh and easy baby food recipes, therapeutic home spa treatments, and the very best in natural lifestyle tips and suggestions. Visit her YouTube channel, Blythe Natural Living!

Dr. Blythe Metz is a multi-message speaker on the consciousness of food, weight loss, stress reduction, meditation, mind training, self-esteem, self-healing, habit breaking and habit developing, cancer prevention, and food politics.

With such a wonderfully full schedule, she craved an eye treatment that WORKED, FELT GREAT, and could be done while MULTI-TASKING her life’s mission, so she created MoisturEyes™.

With her husband’s genius in tow, they masterminded the best way to hold cucumbers under the eyes when standing or sitting upright, while also allowing full visibility. Delighted with how the product felt, and the immediate results she saw, she decided to bring MoisturEyes™ to YOU!

Please let us know how you like it or how we can make it better for you.